Meet The Team

We are a team of engineers and communicators, collaborating with scientists to turn their theories into testable devices that aim to make fishermen’s lives easier, and commercial fishing more sustainable.

dan watson


Dan is the founder and CEO of SafetyNet Technologies, which he started as the result of his final year project while studying product design engineering in Glasgow. Leading a design team in the space industry, helping companies refine their business models and take a more user-centred approach to their product and service offerings, has equipped him with a set of skills that benefit SafetyNet on a daily basis. Dan recently accompanied several SafetyNet prototypes to sea on a trawler during some trials and was not sick.



Aran is SafetyNet’s Chief Engineer. Working on an eclectic array of electro-mechanical and green-tech projects for the last 5 years, he has a tremendous amount of experience which he brings to bear on SafetyNet’s marine-focused challenges. Aran has been expanding his knowledge of all things optoelectronic, creating easy-to-use devices that enable the running of complex experiments. He has a history of setting things on fire for fun and profit.



Nadia brings a welcome order to the chaos that is the SafetyNet workshop. With an MBA from INSEAD and a Bachelors in mechanical engineering, Nadia helps SafetyNet connect with people who might be interested in working with us as well as guiding our business strategy. Nadia’s favourite fish is the one on her plate.


ian as a fish


Ian is a mechanical engineer with a love of electrical circuits. He has manufacturing experience from the aerospace industry, and now helps other startups turn their technical dreams to reality. From concept development through to manufacturing design, Ian works across the entire product development process, helping SafetyNet build products that work better for fishermen and fish alike. He used to build and pilot racing submarines, but the only thing he ever ran into was a bunch of Navy SEALs.



Kunal can build pretty much anything you ask of him. Beginning his career at Airbus, he accumulated rigorous engineering design skills that he’s further honed during his time helping successful start-ups build prototypes for use in real-world testing scenarios. This experience makes him ideal for helping SafetyNet achieve our goals, as everything we build has to work in extremely demanding environments. Kunal also runs SuperFi Records, and plays bass in a band called The Art of Burning Water (they turn it up to 12).

niki banados


Niki is a multimedia storyteller, helping SafetyNet explain to the world not only what we’re doing, but also why we’re doing it. Weaving deceptively simple narratives from complex engineering or systems, Niki helps our stakeholders understand our approach to the unique set of problems posed by working in the commercial fishing sector. This is particularly important as our devices are used in places rarely observed by human eyes. Niki thinks the best art is made by dissolving things in nitric acid, and spends her free time accordingly.



Mark is the mechanical engineer every start-up needs. Show him a sketch and he’ll bring you a CAD model, give him a deadline and he’ll move mountains to stick to it. Previously working with a wide range of clients across diverse projects, Mark has contributed his design engineering skill to building entire workshops, secret doors and gravity defying sculptures. This range of past challenges makes him ideal for facing the ever-changing nature of SafetyNet briefs. Mark can tell you all of the best places to eat in London.


George builds complex, robust electronic systems that are often used in extreme environments. He has built the electronics for a nano-satellite that will soon be launched, creating a set of PCBs that can be mass produced for use by a non-expert market, despite their complexity. He brings this knowledge to the SafetyNet team, helping us build small-batch prototypes for sea trials with various partners. He must be one of the few people on earth who have designed and built systems for use at the bottom of the sea and in orbit. George drives a baker’s van, but he does not sell bread.

we are on the lookout!


We’re on the lookout! If you’re interested in working with us, head over to our opportunities page and maybe drop us a line.