Interested in the work we’re doing at SafetyNet? Think you’d like to get involved? We’re always keen to hear from people with different skillsets who think they have something to contribute. We work in a very flexible way, but always achieve our goals within deadline. If you think there’s something you can bring to the team (and we don’t yet realise it), please get in touch.
Some of the roles we’re currently looking to fill are:
Sales Manager  OPEN
Business Analyst  OPEN
Collaborative Projects
Do you have a theory you’d like to test but some technical hurdles are getting in the way? We’d love to hear from you and start to explore how we might apply our technical expertise to enabling your experiments, and what funding opportunities are out there to accelerate that.
Interested in the work that we’re doing at SafetyNet and want to help us test it? Get in touch and we’ll start a conversation about how we could make that happen. We’re keen to hear from fishermen, owner-operators, regulators, scientists and processors/suppliers.
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