Current Projects:

FTL-FISH: Follow The Light – LED devices to lower non-target catch in retail supply chain.


FTL-FISH will demonstrate the commercial viability of introducing light-emitting devices into fishing gear to lower non-target bycatch in fishing activities.

The goal of this trial is to test whether light can be applied to fishing gear being used by Carrefour’s suppliers, FROM Nord, in the Eastern Channel fishery in order to avoid the capture of juvenile whiting (<27cm). SafetyNet Technologies will supply a set of PISCES light-emitting devices to be tested during this trial.

Whiting represents a potential choke species in the Eastern Channel and, due to the introduction of the Landing Obligation through the Common Fisheries Policy, threatens to cause economic and social disruption to Carrefour’s supply chain and the stakeholders within it. Besides this, SafetyNet’s Pisces light-emitting Pisces devices have been shown to reduce non-target capture of various ocean species (fish, crustaceans, birds, mammals) by up to 60% in their own trials, and 90% in other trials.

Through demonstrating SafetyNet’s technology in this supply chain in the Eastern Channel fishery, SafetyNet intends to leverage the project outputs and outcomes to progress Pisces from TRL 6 – TRL 9 and begin offering a robust and demonstrated product and service to further global fisheries markets both within and outside the EU.







SELUX: Innovative selectivity project

Aim: Improve the selectivity of fishing activities using light.

Context: As part of the landing obligation (EC Regulation 1380/2013 art.15), FROM Nord, IFREMER (Boulogne sur Mer and Lorient) and the companies Le Drezen and SafetyNet Technologies are working together to improve the selectivity of trawls. The project aims to test the combination of new devices using light with known selective equipment (Square Mesh Panels – PMC or T90 meshes) in order to improve selectivity of the trawl, adapted to the different target species.

Two luminous devices will be tested: PISCES, transparent cylinders equipped with LEDs, whose colour and luminous intensity may vary and fluorescent wire replacing the classic trawl mesh.

The aim of the project is to achieve a balance between reduction of discards and turnover, in order to propose a sustainable device for artisanal trawlers.