We Are Crowdfunding!

Following on from the first successes of our trials with PISCES, we are now crowdfunding to further its development and bring PISCES to life on a mass scale!

What is PISCES?

PISCES is a light emitting device that fishermen can use on any fishing equipment to attract the fish they mean to catch and repel the fish they don’t want to catch, thus reducing by-catch by up to 90%.

Our crowdfunding campaign will run from May 16th-June 23rd on Indiegogo, one of the world’s best crowdfunding platforms. Whether you’d like to buy us a coffee or fund an entire experiment, with rewards from £1 – £10,000 every backer can make a difference to our campaign.

If you are interested in supporting our campaign and reducing fishing by-catch, visit us now on Indiegogo!