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Strict new measures, such as the EU’s Landing Obligation, mean increased pressure on fishing crews to mitigate for bycatch. Mandatory retention of this bycatch on-board takes up valuable cargo space that could otherwise be used for the storage of more marketable species. Bycatch avoidance through the application of technology means more space for profit-making species.

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Owner Operators

Whether your fleet comprises one vessel or many, you want the highest return on investment per trip. Maximising the proportion of high-quality, marketable fish caught is essential and SafetyNet Technologies’ devices can help your crews achieve this.


SafetyNet Technologies works on self-initiated and collaborative Research and Development projects with academic, industrial and regulatory partners, among others. Our goal is to help accelerate scientific understanding of fish behaviour in order to apply that knowledge to solving global selectivity problems.

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Roughly one fifth of the global population relies on fish as its primary source of protein, and the oceans are a shared resource. With a continually growing population, sustainable management of the ocean is critical if we are to protect this vital future food source.

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Regulation is a key part of ensuring the sustainable exploitation of ocean resources, but it can be strongly supported by appropriate use of technology solutions. Increased selectivity during capture processes can lower the need for reliance on carrot and stick laws and help the industry regain confidence in its own green credentials.


SafetyNet Technologies’ devices are a simple way to work with your supply chain to ensure that they have access to the best available technology and that you are selling fish caught in the most sustainable way. Products from vessels using our devices will be of higher quality and can tell a great story for your brand.