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Fishing technology to help you catch your target species more consistently and sustainably.

Fishing Efficiently with Our Precision Fishing Technology

We’re a team of engineers, fishermen and scientists. Despite our diverse backgrounds, we are united in our goal to enable Precision Fishing for a sustainable future in fishing. That’s why we design and build high-quality LED lights, underwater video cameras and ocean sensors specifically for the commercial fishing industry.


Underwater Video Camera

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Underwater LED Lights

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Advanced Underwater Sensor

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Working together with commercial fishermen

All of our products are designed with fishermen, for fishermen. In fact, fishermen feedback guides every stage of our product design and development.

Technology to reduce bycatch and increase profitability

Our products use specialist technology and data to make commercial fishing more predictable, profitable and sustainable.

Commercial and Scientific Trials

We want fishing crews to feel confident in using our technology. That’s why we run commercial and scientific trials on fishing vessels. During these trials, we work to increase scientific knowledge of bycatch reduction and collect direct feedback from fishermen to guide the design of our products.

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77% reduction in undersized haddock using Pisces

nephrop in creel pot

Project Fisheye: Underwater Camera for Commerical Fishing

Enki in crab creel

Fishing for Data in the Orkney Shellfish Fishery

CatchCam for Biodiversity Monitoring

Monitor marine life and the underwater environment through the use of a CatchCam camera.


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We work with fishermen to ensure our devices are tailored to their needs

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