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ABOUT SafetyNet Technologies

Precision Fishing for a Sustainable Future

SafetyNet Technologies makes practical Precision Fishing tools that help you fish more precisely. Precision Fishing uses specialist technology and data to make commercial fishing more predictable, profitable and sustainable. The ultimate goal is to take the uncertainty out of fishing. 

This can be achieved in three stages:

Observe fishing gear performance using underwater video cameras.

Respond to the variability of species found in fishing nets using LED lights to manage what fish get caught. 

Measure ocean conditions using oceanographic sensors attached to fishing gear

Our team works with fishermen to design practical Precision Fishing tools

At SafetyNet Technologies, we are a team of engineers, fishermen and scientists. Despite our diverse backgrounds, we are united in our goal to enable Precision Fishing for a sustainable future in fishing. That’s why we design and build high-quality LED lights, underwater video cameras and ocean sensors specifically for the commercial fishing industry.

All of our products are designed with fishermen, for fishermen. In fact, fishermen feedback guides every stage of our product design and development. Around once a month, members of our team go to sea on commercial fishing boats to test and develop our technology. We do this to ensure we create practical Precision Fishing tools that work seamlessly on fishing gear without needing extra effort.

The history of SafetyNet Technologies

” SafetyNet Technologies and my own journey into Precision Fishing started after reading one article. It told the story of Scottish fishermen who were arrested in Norwegian waters for throwing fish back into the sea. Although discarding fish was illegal, they couldn’t avoid catching the fish in the first place. As a result, they were stuck in a catch-22 position. 

I started designing a tool to help fishermen avoid catching non-target fish. From working with fishermen, scientists and other engineers, the initial idea became Pisces. Pisces is an LED underwater light that helps fishermen reduce bycatch and catch more of their target species. 

SafetyNet Technologies has now grown into a company dedicated to designing precision fishing tools including an underwater video camera and sensors. Our sole aim is to help fishing crews optimise their efforts and improve sustainability through Precision Fishing. 

Since day one, SafetyNet Technologies has collaborated with partners large and small, from fishermen to food retailers and even national governments and the UN. Please reach out to us with your thoughts and project ideas at:– Dan Watson, Founder and CEO

Picture shows Dan (right) talking to a french fisherman

SNTech team on boat


Our board consists of our C-suite and representatives from our investor organisations focused on impact, ocean sustainability, and conservation.


We are very grateful for the support from our Advisory Board, which consists of individuals across Industry, Science, Technology, and NGOs.




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In 2017, we ran a crowdfunding campaign to help fund production of our first batch of PISCES and be able to send it to trial partners around the world to use. We raised about £30K.

Thank you to all our supports, a full list can be found here

We work with fishermen to ensure our devices are tailored to their needs

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