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Catch and Trawl Monitoring in the Falkland Islands

Trawl Monitoring aboard Igueldo

“We put the camera in the upper part of the rig,” shares the skipper of the trawler vessel Igueldo. The 83-metre vessel integrated the CatchCam camera with their sensor system to monitor catch behaviour inside the net.

Monitoring Catch Behaviour

Now back in Vigo, after a fishing season in the Falkland Islands, the skipper shared the underwater footage with SafetyNet Technologies, the team behind the production of the underwater camera. Watch some of this footage below:

The footage reveals insights into what is happening in the squid trawler during deployments. Recorded at depths of 200-600 metres underwater, it showcases a lot of movement: from catch behaviour and interaction with the net to the small amount of bycatch. This footage serves as evidence that can support the skipper during fishing operations.

To record this underwater footage, the skipper used the 800m CatchCam camera, equipped with a dedicated Trawl Attachment. Learn more about it here.

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