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SafetyNet Technologies is Lighting the Way for Precision Fishing with the Launch of Pisces

Today, SafetyNet Technologies (SNTech) is commercially launching Pisces, a breakthrough technology for Precision Fishing. Using configurable LED lights, Pisces can help fishers attract their target catch species whilst repelling unwanted bycatch. By giving fishers greater control of their catch composition, Pisces can improve their fishing revenues and reduce bycatch by up to 90%. Through the commercial launch of Pisces, SNTech is one step closer to its goal of enabling Precision Fishing for a world where the ocean and humans can thrive together.

SafteyNet Technologies’ flagship product, Pisces

1 in 10 fish is bycatch

Currently, one in every ten fish caught is the wrong fish, known as bycatch, leading to more than 9 million tonnes of fish wasted every year (FAO, 2018). New regulations aiming to reduce bycatch punish fishing crews, vessel owners and suppliers for catching non-selectively by levying fines or removing fishing rights. But for all their excellent skill and knowledge, fishers have limited control over their catch composition. Even with modern fishing gear and methods, there is a technical inability to accurately target and catch the right fish.

An innovative tech for Precision Fishing

SNTech’s first market offering, Pisces, is a new technology for Precision Fishing. Different marine species respond to light in different ways. Some species are attracted, and some species are repelled. It all depends on the type of light used. Pisces exploits these behavioural responses to reduce bycatch by up to 90%, helping fishers comply with regulations and avoid fines.

The biology behind Pisces is complex, but that does not mean using Pisces has to be. Pisces is remote controlled for simple configuration of light settings. Significantly different effects can be achieved depending on where Pisces is attached to the fishing gear and what colour, intensity and flash-rate is used. Therefore, fishers will receive an ongoing personal service, alongside the kit of lights, guiding them on how best to use Pisces to meet their needs.

Designed with fishers, for fishers

Pisces is designed with fishers for fishers to fit in seamlessly with fishing operations. Each kit comes with ten light-emitting devices in a heavy-duty case that doubles as a wireless charger for easy storage and charging. Each 10hr charge provides up to 270hrs of use, so Pisces does not stop working until the fishing is done. It is easy to fit using multiple attachment options and can be retrofitted onto many types of fishing gear, including trawlers, pots and traps. Once attached, Pisces will not interfere with the deployment and storage of the nets. The lights themselves are neutrally buoyant, flattened and highly durable, to provide minimal drag and no risk of catching or tangling the net.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Launching Pisces to the market

At the end of 2019, SNTech raised seed investment to commercialise Pisces, but unfortunately, the launch was delayed by Covid-19. With markets opening back up and the contract manufacturer up and running again, SNTech has now produced 72 kits of Pisces. Several of these kits have already been shipped out to trials around the world. SNTech’s main markets are in the UK, EU, US, Canada, and Australasia, but they have branched out to countries in Latin America and South-East Asia to conduct trials of how Pisces can support other fishing gears and in artisanal fisheries as well.

Pisces addresses an urgent need to reduce bycatch to support the communities that depend on the oceans for their livelihoods and protect ocean ecosystems.

Media Contact

Danielle Anthony
Communications Manager

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Tom Rossiter
Sales Lead


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