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“We can save fishermen time and money by reducing their bycatch, and improve their quality of life as a result”


Su-Kim, Sales Consultant at SafetyNet Technologies, tells us how she works with fishermen to understand their needs when it comes to bycatch reduction, complying with legislation, and developing a product that works to save time and money for those working in the commercial fishing industry.

Su with the Pisces net light

Hi Su. Can you tell us what your role at SNTech is?

I am a Sales Consultant, and my role was initially to set up processes for sales, in terms of how we work with our customers, making sure that they have a really positive customer experience with our customer success team and our products. This makes sure that they are getting the best value from our product and from us as a team. Now, I am looking at sales pipelines, and who would benefit most from using our products the most. I am working on getting our name out there: meeting the right people like trade bodies and major fisheries. I am trying to gain a better understanding of what their main fishing problems are and how we can help solve some of these.

In terms of the product, can you tell me a little bit about how your role fits into that?

From a product perspective, our product is a light device. But really, where the value comes in for our customers is the science behind it, and taking all the knowledge and research that has been developed since the 1970’s and incorporating that into our technology effectively, in order to solve fishing challenges. My job is to work with fishermen find out what those problems are, and work with them to find ways that can help reduce their bycatch or increase their target catch species and their revenue. So really, our job is to make sure that while customers are using our product, it is solving any issues and also making economic sense for them.

Can you talk me through a typical day in your world?

It really varies. I might be at an internal meeting where we figure out who we want to meet with, following up on previous client meetings, or meeting externally with new or existing clients. We also attend events and conferences. We recently attended the FAO (Food and Agricultural Organization) conference in Rome, which was amazing. We talked about sustainable fishing and it really solidified for me the reason SafetyNet Technologies exists, and why I am here. We really are depleting the oceans of fish and so our device can really help with making sure that fishermen are catching only the right fish and stopping turtles, dolphins and sharks from being caught. From a sales perspective, it enabled me to meet with prospective clients and learn more about the industry and the sector from the people who work in the industry. 

What makes SafetyNet Technologies’ product Pisces so useful?

For me, the key benefit behind Pisces is the science behind it. Say for example that there is a problem with catching too much plaice when actually haddock is the target species. Using our light and knowing which colours and light frequency to use, combined with placement on the fishing gear is really where our service comes into play.  The consulting behind the product, combined with the light technology, is what makes our company so valuable. 

We can also adjust our product to meet individual clients’ needs, so it’s very customisable. That’s the key to working with us. With ocean temperatures changing, the fish are moving, so fishermen need to adapt. Our lights being so customisable means that fishing crews can move with these environmental changes. We will keep working with our clients to constantly improve and develop our products.

What role do you see SafetyNet Technologies playing in the future of the fishing industry?

I think we could play a very big role in making fishing more sustainable worldwide, but we can also save fishermen time and money by reducing their bycatch, and improve their quality of life as a result. I think there will be a huge impact. One thing that currently affects fishermen – and will continue to do so – is all the legislation that is coming in. They have to abide by this, but don’t necessarily have the tools to comply with those regulations. Our device enables them to meet those requirements. This will make their lives easier, help them to avoid fines for landing the wrong fish, and enable the sustainability of their livelihoods.

If you work in the fishing industry and are interested in finding out more about how our Pisces product can support your business, contact our customer success team:


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