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Westra Fjord K193 wins the SafetyNet Technologies Giveaway

Westra Fjord

The Westra Fjord K193 vessel, winner of the latest SafetyNet Technologies giveaway.  The original image belongs to Fishing News and can be found here.

We are excited to announce the winner of our Giveaway! Congratulations to Westra Fjord K193 for winning a full trial of our underwater CatchCam camera, complete with expert assistance from SafetyNet Technologies.

Peter and Ryan Harcus will get the opportunity to try the underwater camera on Westra Fjord over a fishing trip with a SafetyNet expert on hand to provide guidance as the CatchCam cameras are deployed around the fishing gear to gather underwater insights about the fishing operations. This means they will be able to observe catch behaviour and gear performance from the trawl doors to the codend.

“We have seen a lot about CatchCam over the past few years and really fancied having a look ourselves. Winning the competition is a great surprise and we are looking forward to taking the technician and the CatchCam away in the not too distant future. I’m sure we will learn a lot and hope to use the learnings to improve how we work,” shares Peter.

Fishing Trials with SafetyNet Technologies' Assistance

Having an expert come aboard means the skipper and crew will be able to get on with their normal operations whilst learning how to use the CatchCam. SafetyNet will be on hand to deploy the CatchCam around the fishing gear and focus on any specific areas of interest. They will share the trick of the trade and help with the video analysis too, making sure that the Skipper and crew know all there is to know about the systems by the time they land after what we hope will be a very successful trip.

Tom Rossiter, Head of Precision Fishing shares: “We are excited to see Westra Fjord win the competition. The Harcus family have been a leading innovator in demersal fishing for generations and take their responsibility to seas and our natural resources very seriously. I expect we will learn much from Peter and Ryan and hope we can help them to move to the next level in achieving their goals.”

Westra Fjord is a 28m demersal trawler from Orkney targeting whitefish species in the northern North Sea. Vastly experienced fishermen, they will for the first time, gather visual evidence of what is happening underwater. This will help them fine tune their gear to enhance catch rates, and boost efficiency. 

Supporting Precision Fishing Adoption

To everyone that has entered the competition, thank you so much for your participation! Each entry counted as a donation to the The Fishermen’s Mission charity. This competition is also part of SafetyNet Technology and Marks & Spencer Partnership to support Precision Fishing practices.

By letting fishers see what is happening in their gear, CatchCam helps them improve their fishing performance to be more selective and effective. As a result, they can increase their catch whilst also becoming more sustainable and reducing their impact of the seabed.

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