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Project Fisheye: Underwater Camera for Commerical Fishing


Marine Management Organisation (MMO)


January 2022- March 2022




SafetyNet Technologies is developing CatchCam, an affordable and practical underwater camera. that fishing crews can easily deploy and recover. Additionally, a mobile phone app will be designed to complement the use of CatchCam. The app will filter through hours of video to show the most beneficial footage to save fishing crews time and effort.


Creel, Bottom Trawlers

Technology used:

Project Summary:

Funded by The Marine Management Organisation (MMO), SafetyNet Technologies’ “Project Fisheye” will fast-forward development of CatchCam, a gear mounted underwater camera for commercial fishing.  Already, CatchCam is providing valuable insights into fish behaviour, the effectiveness of bycatch mitigation tools, and how fishing operations could be optimised.

Six trials of CatchCam will be carried out on leading commercial fishing boats in the UK. During these trials, fishing crews will be able to use CatchCam to ensure it is robust enough to withstand the harsh fishing environment. Letting fishers try CatchCam makes sure it is easy to deploy, recover and review footage from.

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