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Phone: +44 (0)20 7052 3903
Address: Ground Floor, 3–5 Hardwidge Street, Bermondsey, London, SE1 3SY

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We provide PISCES as a service model where customers will pay an upfront hardware cost and a monthly subscription fee for consultation on best practice, maintenance, and upkeep. This allows us to control the products’ life cycle and ensure no waste is created, while keeping our customers happy with the most up-to-date products and services.

As each customers requirements can vary, please contact us and we’ll be in touch with you.

The FTL-FISH project ended up as a true success story. …Congratulations to you all and long life to Pisces!

European Commission

SafetyNet Technologies enabled fishers and scientists to work together and test new devices that could have a major impact on one of the global oceans’ largest environmental problems, unwanted bycatch in fisheries. Their generous approach unlocked innovators in the industry to test the equipment with input from my team and resulted in a scientifically peer reviewed publication which showed the potential of using light to manipulate fish behaviour and reduce bycatch

Michel Kaiser
Heriot-Watt University

It’s been very pleasant working with the SafetyNet Technologies team because what we wanted to achieve was a balance between the viability of the industry, protection of fish stocks and compliance with EU regulations.

Manon Joguet

We used PISCES to investigate how fish behaviour can be altered to enhance catch separation in a divided trawl cod end.

Junita Karlsen
DTU Aqua

We used PISCES lights as an important part of our method to enable fishermen to change the selective properties of their gear and reduce unwanted catch in a Nephrops trawl.

Junita Karlsen
DTU Aqua
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