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Identify and fix any problems in one haul. Enter the giveaway below for the chance to try an underwater camera on your fishing vessel with the help of a SafetyNet Technologies expert.

What You'll Get

Let us do all the work. We’ll bring all the necessary equipment to set up and secure the camera all over your fishing gear. Having an expert come aboard your vessel means you can get on with your operations with zero extra work.

Gather evidence of your gear. Point the camera to monitor ground gear or trawl door performance, or choose to watch catch behaviour around the codend. Personalise your experience to answer your burning questions and see what’s working and what’s not.

Try and test CatchCam. See if the camera is a good fit for your operations. Gain a better understanding of how video footage can help you optimise fishing gear performance, enhance catch rates, and boost efficiency.

How It Works

The winner of the giveaway will receive exclusive guidance from a SafetyNet Technologies professional, who will go aboard the winner’s vessel to set up and deploy the CatchCam camera.

Meet Shaun Doran. An ex fisherman from Fleetwood who has worked as a fisheries scientist for over 20 years. It’s said that Shaun knows every boat on the water and if he doesn't he will soon! He’s the guy that will hop aboard your vessel with a CatchCam on hand and guide you through the use of an underwater camera.

This is CatchCam. Tough enough for trawls yet small enough for creels, CatchCam lets every fisherman see their gear in action. The underwater camera was designed to be easily attached to all gear types and can record for up to four days on a single charge.

It’s important to note that the CatchCam camera is not included in the prize and will be taken back when the trial period ends.

Recording Gear in Action

By recording fishing gear in action, the CatchCam camera allows fishermen to make more informed decisions during fishing operations. This can improve the efficiency of the vessel and increase catch.

Watch below some of the underwater footage recorded by the camera on recent fishing trips.

Enter the Giveaway

Answer the form below for the chance to try an underwater camera on your fishing gear with the help of a SafetyNet Technologies expert.

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The closing date for entries is the 24th of May 2024.

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For improved flexibility, we’ve developed the camera to be wireless. This means the videos are not live-streamed. As soon as it exits the water, the camera connects to the App and allows you to access all the footage recorded, without the need to detach it from the gear. This way, you can identify and fix any errors immediately after the 1st haul. The camera battery can last for up to 100 hours on one charge.

CatchCam was built to be deployable down to 800m underwater. That said, SafetyNet Technologies also offers a simpler version of the camera that is deployable down to 300m. Both versions come with an additional 500 lumens of light to enhance visibility underwater. 

Tough enough to resist over 500 deployments attached to a scallop dredge. The CatchCam camera was created to be shock-resistant and easily thrive in the underwater environment. To add another layer of protection, the camera also comes with a Gear Attachment unit. This not only protects the camera but also makes the process of attaching it to the gear as easy as possible. So whether you plan on deploying CatchCam from a dredge, trawl or creel, we’ve got you covered.

The selected winner of the giveaway gets to try the underwater camera without the need to purchase it. The winner will have a CatchCam camera and a SafetyNet Technologies professional aboard his vessel for a fishing trial for up to four days. After that, the CatchCam camera must be returned. If the winner wishes to keep the camera, this needs to be purchased via our team.

Discover what and underwater camera can do for your fishing operations

About SafetyNet Technologies

SafetyNet Technologies designs Precision Fishing technology for a more sustainable and efficient fishing industry.  For any additional information about our products, contact the team at

Terms and Conditions

The closing date for entries is the 24th of May 2024. Entries from all countries are eligible. However, preference will be given to countries where SafetyNet Technologies is based or has representatives. SafetyNet Technologies will select one winner based on his answers in the form above and his availability for the fishing trial. The winner will be announced via email and social media within 10 days after the giveaway is closed.

The selected winner will have a CatchCam camera and a SafetyNet Technologies professional aboard his vessel for a fishing trial for up to four days. The date of the fishing trial is to be mutually agreed upon between both parties. After the trial ends, both the camera and professional help will return ashore and back to SafetyNet Technologies. No purchase of CatchCam is necessary. 

The winner agrees to participate in press, marketing and communications associated with this giveaway. This may include photographic coverage and follow-up interviews to form a case study. SafetyNet Technologies reserves the right to withdraw the competition and the prize at any time.

For every giveaway submission received, SafetyNet Technologies will make a financial donation to the Fishermen’s Mission, a charity registered as The Royal National Mission to Deep Sea Fishermen in England & Wales (No 232822) and in Scotland (No SC039088).

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