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SNT develops and scales trusted and valued solutions that enable sustainable practices in the fishing industry

Our vision: A world where oceans and people thrive together

Using our devices, we can:

SafetyNet Technologies Impact

Catch the right fish

Endagered Icon

Save endangered species

Sustain Livehoods

Sustain livelihoods

Food Security And Sustainable Fishing

Ensure food security

Additionally, fishermen can increase their revenues by catching more of the fish they can sell, and lower operating costs by catching more efficiently. Most importantly, they can easily comply with the increasingly stricter regulations.

Revenue Increasing With Snt

Up to 25% revenue increase

Fuel Decreasing

Up to 20% decrease in fuel

Sorting Time Icon

Up to 90% decrease sorting

Avoid Fine Icon

Avoidance of fines

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Retain fishing rights

Regulatory Compliance Icon

Simple regulatory compliance


The science that SNTech devices are based on is new and evolving, and we’re working globally with many of the research leads to translate the scientific knowledge into industry needed devices that fishermen can use easily.

The FTL-FISH project ended up as a true success story. …Congratulations to you all and long life to Pisces!

European Commission

SafetyNet Technologies enabled fishers and scientists to work together and test new devices that could have a major impact on one of the global oceans’ largest environmental problems, unwanted bycatch in fisheries. Their generous approach unlocked innovators in the industry to test the equipment with input from my team and resulted in a scientifically peer reviewed publication which showed the potential of using light to manipulate fish behaviour and reduce bycatch

Michel Kaiser
Heriot-Watt University

It’s been very pleasant working with the SafetyNet Technologies team because what we wanted to achieve was a balance between the viability of the industry, protection of fish stocks and compliance with EU regulations.

Manon Joguet

We used PISCES to investigate how fish behaviour can be altered to enhance catch separation in a divided trawl cod end.

Junita Karlsen
DTU Aqua

We used PISCES lights as an important part of our method to enable fishermen to change the selective properties of their gear and reduce unwanted catch in a Nephrops trawl.

Junita Karlsen
DTU Aqua

SNTech’s work on PISCES directly supports UN Sustainable Development Goals

Overfishing and bycatch are huge global problems with few proven solutions. Between 8 and 25% of the total global fisheries catch is discarded each year due to a technical inability to accurately target and catch the right fish, at a cost of £1.38bn per annum [FAO].

Additionally, the World Bank has estimated that poor management of fisheries costs the global economy $50 billion every year. Roughly one fifth of the global population, which will reach 9bn by 2050, relies on fish as its primary protein source. Discarding 27 million tons of fish per year [Oceana] presents a serious threat to this source, as juvenile, endangered and other non-marketable fish are needlessly destroyed, at great economic, environmental and ecological cost

We work with fishermen to ensure our devices are tailored to their needs

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14 - Life Below Water

(SDG14) Implementation of bycatch reduction devices (BRDs), such as Pisces, [Target 14.A] increases fishery sustainability by:

  • catching the right fish, helping maintain fish stocks at a biologically sustainable level [Target 14.4]
  • restoring the wider marine ecosystem by preventing the catch of megafauna and seabirds [Target 14.2]
  • reducing overfishing and destructive fishing practices [Target 14.4]
  • reducing the number of discards of wildlife and damaged gear [Target14.1]

2 - Zero Hunger

(SDG2) Through helping maintain sustainable fish stocks, Pisces supports SDG 2 as there will be more reliable ocean food for the global population (reducing the 27m tons of fish discarded and wasted each year).

8 - Decent Work And Economic Growth

(SDG 8) Target 8.4. SNTech works to improve global resource efficiency in production and endeavours to decouple economic growth from environmental degradation.
Also working with fishers globally to maintain their livelihoods whilst working sustainably.

12 - Responsible Consumption And Production

(SDG 12) Responsible consumption and production is supported as Pisces helps the fishing industry consume fish stocks in a more responsible way.

17 - Partnerships For The Goals

(SDG 17) Pisces enables collaboration between science, policy and industry.