Underwater Camera

Fishing Blindly

Most fishing crews have no way of directly seeing their nets underwater. Despite years of knowledge and experience, they are essentially fishing blindly. As a result, fishing crews end up damaging their nets and accidentally catching the wrong species.

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See Your Gear in Action

CatchCam is a robust underwater camera that allows you to see your gear in action. With CatchCam, you gain insights into how fish behave in nets and if bycatch mitigation methods, like square mesh panels, are working as they should. This camera takes the guesswork out of fishing so you can fish with confidence.



Peer into your Gear

The high-resolution camera allows you to gain insight into how your gear’s performance and how fish interact with it.

Easy Video Management

You can watch and manage videos on the CatchCam app. Integrated AI lets you skip to the most useful footage to save you from trawling through hours of video.

Fit and Forget

CatchCam is a small, yet heavy-duty camera designed to perform time and time again in even the harshest of fishing conditions.

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