Net Mounted Sensor

We do not have reliable ocean data for more than 90% of the world's oceans

Currently, most fisheries have limited data on their target catch, and often fish stock assessments are carried out yearly. However, climate change is altering our oceans at an unprecedented rate. As a result, years of fishermen knowledge is undermined by shifting migration patterns and seasonal timings. Therefore, it is essential to measure and understand the factors that influence fish migration and population distributions.

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Collect Vital Ocean Data

Enki is a net mounted underwater sensor that collects marine environmental data. With this data, you can see how underwater conditions are affecting your catch. As climate change rapidly alters our oceans, Enki also allows you to track these changes. As a result, you can make better predictions about seasonal events such as migration timings.



Get the data you need immediately

Automatic data transfer and visualization provides rapid data analysis directly on vessel or remotely to shore enabling better fishing decisions in real-time.

Fit and forget

Long battery life, mechanically robust and ease of use provides worry free operation in the most demanding conditions.

You’re in control

Your data belongs to you. Data is shareable with other organisations with your consent, via a simple sharing control centre.

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