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Underwater environmental sensor

Enki is a net-mounted underwater sensor that lets you collect ocean data while you fish.

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Collect your own ocean data

Enki collects temperature, salinity, depth and turbidity data. Use this data to better understand how underwater environmental conditions are affecting your target species and the effects of climate change on your fishery.

Under trial in the Orkney inshore fishery

The Benefits of Enki...

Get Valuable Insights

Understand what environmental ranges your target and bycatch species thrive in

Save time and effort

Find out which conditions will cause a poor catch rate to save you time and effort

Your data belongs to you

Your collected data will never be shared with other organisations without your consent.

Automatic data collection

Enki will allow you to passively collect vital data whilst you are fishing


The Enki Kit

 A complete system with everything you need to collect ocean environmental data whilst you fish.

1x Enki Sensor node

1x Enki hub

1x Waterproof charging cable

1x User guide

Using Enki is simple

  1. Attach the sensor node to your fishing gear. It will automatically collect data as you fish.
  2. Haul your gear and Enki will automatically and wirelessly transfer collected data to the dub.
  3. The hub connects Enki to the internet so your data can be sent to the cloud and displayed on the dashboard.
  4. The Enki dashboard displays your data in a clear and easy to read format so you can get insights on your fishing straight away.

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