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See how our Precision Fishing products can improve the efficiency of your operations.​

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Precision Fishing Technology Tailored to Your Needs

At SafetyNet Technologies, we combine years of research, in-depth industry knowledge, and cutting-edge technology to develop solutions that are not just innovative but tailored to meet the real-world needs of both commercial fishing operations and fisheries research.

Gather Evidence Underwater

Collect the data you need to make informed decisions. Observe how fish behaviour, gear performance and environmental conditions, can impact your operations.

Efficient Fishing

Save money while maintaining high productivity at sea. Our solutions help researchers and fishermen achieve more with less, ensuring long-term sustainability and profits.

Sustainable Fisheries

Good fishing practices keep fisheries healthy. Our products reduce bycatch and minimise environmental impact, supporting fishing families for generations.

Commercial Benefits:

Reduce Discards

Increase Catch Quality

Fine-Tune Your Gear

Simple Regulatory Compliance

Reduce Fuel Consumption

Avoid Fines

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Discover how our Precision Fishing products can specifically help enhance your fishing operations, reduce environmental impact, and increase your bottom line.


Underwater Video Camera

Use CatchCam to monitor your gear underwater and make informed decisions about your operations. Ideal for both commercial and research applications, CatchCam is a sturdy and easy to deploy camera for all gear types.

Monitor Gear Underwater | Gather Evidence | Fine-Tune Your Gear


Underwater LED Light

Pisces uses coloured LED light and varying flash rates to increase the selectivity of your net. These lights exploit the behavioural responses of marine species to light, attracting target species and deterring bycatch.

Brighten Up The Gear | Increase Selectivity | Deter Bycatch


Advanced Underwater Sensor

SeaSensor is a highly durable sensor that automatically collects ocean data during operations. It provides timestamped metrics for various underwater environmental conditions, helping you better understand how these conditions affect target species.

Automatic Data Collection | 6 Sensor Into 1 | Comprehensive Analysis

Gather Evidence Underwater

For most fishermen, their fishing gear is out of sight after shooting. For researchers, there are still a lot of unanswered questions. Our Precision Fishing technology is designed to solve this, and help you collect the data you need to make informed decisions.

See how our Precision Fishing products can improve the efficiency of your operations

Personalised Consultation: Speak directly with an expert from the SafetyNet Technologies team who will listen to your specific needs and challenges.

Tailored Solutions: Receive recommendations on the best products tailored to solve your unique problems, and get a detailed walkthrough to see firsthand how they can enhance your operations.

Ultimately, we want you to find the perfect fit for your needs. Book a demo with us today and discover how our Precision Fishing products can revolutionise your fishing and research operations.

The insights you gain from a personal demo could redefine your approach to fishing, leading to greater profits and sustainability. We’re excited to show you what our technology can do for you. So, let’s get you on the path to smarter, more sustainable fishing.

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