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Four Women-Led Companies Revolutionising the Fishing Industry

Happy International Women’s Day 2022!

Women are integral to achieving a thriving and sustainable fishing industry. We wanted to share some light on female-led companies who are  innovating commercial fishing. 

1. Blue Ocean Gear

Founder and CEO, Kortney Opshaug

Blue Ocean Gear is developing smart buoys technology that tracks the location of fishing gear whilst also collecting ocean data. The smart buoys are helping fishers reduce ghost gear and gain a better understanding of the marine environment.


2. Vericatch

Vice President of Business Development and Chief Science Officer, Dalal Al-Abdulrazzak

Vericatch develops software to help fishing crews manage their fishery and show the true value of their catches. Their electronic logbooks and apps can simplify catch reporting and ensure fishers have that ownership and access to their catch data.

3. Hookpod

CEO, Becky Ingham

Hookpod has created a highly effective method of reducing seabird bycatch in longline fisheries. This technology covers the barb of the hook and releases it at a depth of 20 meters. This prevents sea birds from becoming caught on the hooks.


4. SafetyNet Technologies

Founder and COO, Nadia Laabs

At SafetyNet Technologies, we develop Precision Fishing technology to help fishers optimise their efforts whilst being more sustainable. Our Pisces LED lights to improve the selectivity of fishing gear to reduce bycatch. Additionally, we’re developing an underwater camera to allow fishing crews to see their gear in action.

We’re incredibly grateful to have Nadia Laabs as our COO. Her insight and knowledge has been key to pushing the business forward.


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