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Trials and Projects

Our precision fishing products are being deployed all over the world

Active trials & projects

Image taken from IPNLF website

Underwater LED Lights as an alternative to baitfish

Enki in crab creel

Fishing for Data in the Orkney Shellfish Fishery

MGT attachment

Project GearSearch: Reducing ghost gear and marine plastics pollution


Bycatch reduction in Scottish Nephrops FIP


Reducing dolphin bycatch in the Adriatic Sea


Trialling Pisces in the Canadian Scallop Fishery


Preventing turtle and shark bycatch in the West Indies (TOPASE Project)


Developing Precision Fishing in Nephrops Fishery


Using light to protect charismatic species in Indonesia

Completed Trials & Projects

deep on pollock net

Promising results for salmon bycatch reduction in the Bering Sea Pollock fishery 

pisces on trawl day

Commercially Launching Pisces with support from Expo Dubai 2020


Commercially Testing Pisces Prototypes in 2019

nephrop in creel pot

Project Fisheye: Underwater Camera for Commerical Fishing


77% reduction in undersized haddock using Pisces


Exploring how Precision Fishing technology could work in Peruvian artisanal fisheries

We work with fishermen to ensure our devices are tailored to their needs

Identify and fix any problems in one haul.

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