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Exploring how Precision Fishing technology could work in Peruvian artisanal fisheries


Manta Trust


Feb 2020 – May 2020


Zorritos and Mancora, Peru


To understand how Precision Fishing technology could be implemented in artisanal fisheries to reduce the accidental capture of large bycatch.


Mixed Reef Fish


Cetaceans, Manta Rays, Turtles

Technology used:

Project Summary:

We teamed up with Manta Trust to understand the issue of bycatch in Peruvian artisanal fisheries. For four months, we worked with fishers to design an accessible Precision Fishing solution that could enable greater sustainability without compromising their livelihoods. However, it soon became clear that the fisheries here faced systematic challenges that hindered any implementation of Precision Fishing. As a result, we did not continue to build products to be tested.


  • Gained valuable insight into artisanal fisheries 
  • Built strong working relationships with Manta Trust and the fishing communities 
  • Refined our design approach to further include fishers in our development processes 
  • Did not move to the second stage of building products

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