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Underwater LED Light

Pisces uses coloured LED light and different flash rates to help you increase your commercial catch and reduce bycatch.

Fish with Precision,
Fish with Pisces

Durability tested in the Bering Sea Pollock Fishery

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The Benefits of Pisces...

Increase gear selectivity

Use six different colours of light, four flash rates and four brightness settings to attract your target species and reduce bycatch

Technical Support from SafetyNet Technologies

Our science-based service is included with every Pisces kit. We advise your use of Pisces to ensure you get the best results.

Highly Durable

Pisces has withstood an entire Bering Sea pollock fishery B season

Waterproof up to 800m

The lights are controlled and charged wirelessly to prevent leaking.

Adaptable Setup

The small size and four mounting holes allows you to attach it anywhere on any gear type.


How Pisces works

LED lights can help you increase your commercial catch and reduce bycatch.

Pisces works by exploiting the behavioural response of marine species to coloured and flashing light.

Different colours of light will attract some marine species whilst scaring away others.

The Pisces Kit

A full system with everything you need to increase your commercial catch and reduce bycatch.

10 x Pisces lights

2 x Wireless charging cases

2 x Remote controls

2 x User guides

Scientific service

2 Year warranty

Pisces Service

Our science-based service is included with every Pisces kit. Drawing upon numerous commercial and scientific trials of LED lights, we will advise you on how best to use Pisces for your fishery and gear type.

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We work with you to design a Pisces set up to determine what colour, brightness, flash settings and placement of Pisces are most appropriate

One of our Precision Fishing Consultants will help you to integrate Pisces onto your existing gear

We continue to support your use of Pisces as and when you need

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We work with you to help you get the results you need



Identify and fix any problems in one haul.

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