Selective Fishing Light

1 in 10 Fish Caught is Bycatch

Globally, 9 million tonnes of bycatch are caught each year. This negatively impacts both fishermen and the marine ecosystem. Bycatch results in wasted time and effort, lost revenue, and potential fines for fishing crews. Furthermore, it causes unnecessary damage to marine biodiversity and fish stocks.

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Fish with Precision,
Fish with Pisces

Pisces is a kit of 10 LED lights that fit to your fishing gear to allow you to fish more precisely. As a result, you can adapt to regulations, avoid fines and fish more sustainably.



Pisces achieves significantly different effects depending on where it is attached to the fishing gear and what colour, intensity and flash rate are used. This adaptability allows Pisces to work in multiple different fisheries.

fit and forget

Pisces is designed to be robust and low maintenance to withstand the harshest of fishing conditions. 


Pisces will not interfere with the functionality of your fishing gear. Its puck-shaped design sits flush to the net. Pisces is also neutrally buoyant. 

easy to use

Pisces is wirelessly charged in its holding case and remote controlled for simple, hassle-free use. 

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Product Features

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Reduce your bycatch by up to 90%



Recent studies have demonstrated that LED lights can significantly reduce bycatch. Different colours of light will attract some species of fish whilst scaring away others. Pisces exploits this behavioural response to help you catch more of your target species whilst reducing bycatch. 


Included with every Pisces kit is our complimentary science-based service.
We work with you to help you get the results you need.


You talk to us about your fishing challenges.


We design a bespoke Pisces Lights set up that will enable you to benefit from a more precise catch and increase your operational efficiency.


Your dedicated precision fishing consultant helps you to integrate the Pisces Lights into your existing gear and operations with no disruptions.


We work with you to fine tune the Pisces Lights and optimise your catch.


As your targets and challenges change, we are there to support you and help you optimise your catch with the least amount of effort.

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