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CatchCam BIO

for biodiversity monitoring

Gather evidence underwater.

Monitor marine life and the underwater environment through the use of a CatchCam camera.

It is a small but powerful camera that can be deployed for up to 30 days.

Marine Life Monitoring
Observing Underwater Structures
Finding Environmental Solutions

Fit for Purpose

CatchCam BIO provides users with a compact, robust and easy to use solution both on and beneath the water.

Extended Monitoring

With a 14-day monitoring capability, the camera can provide valuable insights into seasonal variations and long-term trends.

Data Analysis Tools

Efficiently interpret the collected data, enabling more informed decision-making for conservation efforts.

User-Friendly Interface

Set up the camera to meet bespoke requirements and easily access the results in the field and ashore, saving time and money.

Not sure how it fits your project?

Each biodiversity solution requires different adaptations. Reach out to our team to discuss how CatchCamBIO can best support your project.

Case Studies

CatchCam Features

Highly Robust

Despite its small size, CatchCam is tough enough to withstand the most challenging conditions.

800m Depth Rating

The Camera and LED Lamp have a no-open design and are wirelessly controlled and charged.

Completely Wireless

CatchCam has wireless charging and video transfer from camera to app so you don't have to handle cables or SD cards.

30 days of Recording

With CatchCam you can record up to 30 days uninterrupted.

Easy Video Management

Organise and view videos on the CatchCam App.

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