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Add eyes to your fishing gear

Film your next deployment and unveil the full potential of the CatchCam camera for your fishing operations.

Introducing the Rental Scheme

We’ve heard you. Following your recent feedback, we’ve decided to make the benefits of the CatchCam camera more accessible to all fishermen. Hence why we are launching a Rental Scheme.

Film your gear

Easy to attach and quick to deploy, CatchCam lets you start filming your gear straight away.

Rent for 2 months

Each deployment is a new opportunity to identify issues with your gear and adjust it accordingly.

Support Available

Contact our team and best use the camera as a tool to answer your fishing questions.

Gather evidence

From footage of catch behaviour to gear mishaps, all recordings are yours to keep.

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Choose your Package

Choose your CatchCam package according to your operational needs and gear type. To start off, please select your fishing depth:

  • Entry Package
  • Silver Package
  • Gold Package
Choose your package:
Entry Package
Silver Package
Gold Package
Security Deposit £450 / €600 £600 / €850 £750 / €1000
Monthly Rent £450 / €600 £600 / €850 £750 / €1000
  • Deep Entry Package
  • Deep Silver Package
  • Deep Gold Package
Choose your package:
Deep Entry Package
Deep Silver Package
Deep Gold Package
Security Deposit £750 / €1000 £900 / €1200 £1050 / €1400
Monthly Rent £750 / €1000 £900 / €1200 £1050 / €1400

Still not sure? Learn more about each package below or add your questions to the ‘Rental Form’  in the next step. Our team will be happy to help you find the most suitable CatchCam camera for your fishing operations.

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Rent a CatchCam Camera

Fill out the form below to rent a CatchCam camera for your next deployment.

Our team will aim to contact you within 24 hours of filling out this form.

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Record Your Fishing Gear

By recording fishing gear in action, the CatchCam camera allows commercial fishermen to make more informed decisions during fishing operations. This can improve the efficiency of the vessel and increase catch.

Watch below some of the underwater footage recorded by the camera on recent deployments.

We are here to help you get the most from your CatchCam. So, if needed, our team can provide guidance on adding the camera to your fishing gear to get the footage you need.

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What’s next?

You’ve seen the benefits of integrating the CatchCam camera into your fishing gear. Now, it is the end of the ‘Rental Scheme’ and the time to decide what to do next. Choose one of the options below and contact our team about your decision.

Extend Rental

Extend the 'Rental Scheme' on a month-by-month basis and keep benefitting from the camera.

Buy & Get Credit

Make it a permanent asset to your operations. If you choose to buy CatchCam following a rental, we will credit the value of the rental.

Return your Camera

Simply return the CatchCam camera to SafetyNet Technologies, ready for the next customer.

Add a CatchCam camera to your next deployment

Terms and Conditions

The CatchCam Rental Scheme is exclusively available to customers based in the United Kingdom and Ireland. However, if you’re located elsewhere, don’t get discouraged – we are actively exploring possibilities for expansion based on the level of interest we receive.

SafetyNet Technologies expects that the Equipment will endure reasonable wear and tear, however any considerable damage, or loss of the Equipment, will be covered by the The Lessee at the end of the rental period. This might result in an additional charge.

Access a full copy of the Terms and Conditions here, in the sample Rental Agreement.

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