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Advanced Underwater Sensor

SeaSensor is a highly durable underwater sensor that lets you collect ocean data while you fish.

Collect your own ocean data

Easily mount SeaSensor (formerly known as Enki) to your fishing gear to automatically collect metrics like temperature, depth and turbidity; and improve your catch accordingly.

Use this data to better understand how underwater environmental conditions are affecting your target species and the effects of climate change on your fishery.

Launching in 2024


Automatically Collect Data

SeaSensor allows you to passively collect ocean data whilst fishing.

Get Valuable Insights

Understand what environmental ranges your target and bycatch species thrive in.

Save Time and Effort

Timestamped metrics allow you to easily find out which conditions can cause a poor catch rate.

Your data belongs to you

Your collected data will never be shared with other organisations without your consent.


Using SeaSensor is simple

  1. Attach the SeaSensor node to your fishing gear. It will automatically collect ocean data while you fish.
  2. Haul your gear. On deck, you can manually transfer data wirelessly using your laptop or computer.
  3. Optionally, a hub can be installed on the deck to automatically connect SeaSensor to the internet, so your data can be sent to the cloud and displayed on a website dashboard.
  4. The SeaSensor dashboard website displays your ocean data in a clear and easy-to-read format so you can get insights on your fishing straight away.

Collect Your Own Ocean Data


Identify and fix any problems in one haul.

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