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CatchCam Support

Get access to user guides, data sheets and videos to support your use of CatchCam. This page should have all the information you need to help you easily set up the CatchCam Camera, LED Lamp and App. 

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What’s in your CatchCam Kit?

The CatchCam kit is available in three different packages to suit different fisheries and use cases. Click here to learn more about what is included in each CatchCam package.



Charging the CatchCam camera

Both the CatchCam Camera and LED Lamp are charged wirelessly using the CatchCam Charger. While charging, the wireless network activates. This allows you to review the underwater footage of your fishing gear and download any clips.

The CatchCam App can be used to change the setting of your CatchCam camera, and also for accessing, reviewing and downloading your video clips wirelessly from the camera onto your mobile device.

Select how long your CatchCam footage should be or modify the video quality of your footage by adjusting its light settings and video frame rate. This allows the CatchCam camera to record videos from different types of fishing gear at various depths.

Do you still have a question?

Ask Pete and receive exclusive CatchCam support. You can also sign up and be the first to know about software updates!

The brightness and colour of the CatchCam LED Lamp can be changed using the Remote Control. 

The CatchCam Lamp provides light from two different directions. You can choose either depending on how you attach it to your fishing gear. The Lamp will work with your CatchCam Camera to help you see your fishing gear underwater and how your catch interacts with it.

The Trawl Attachment is designed to help you quickly and easily attach your CatchCam Camera and LED Lamp to trawl nets.

It has holes all around it for lashing into the fishing gear and the capacity to pivot at any angle you need to point the camera to whatever you want to film underwater.

Watch below as Pete shows you how to connect to the CatchCam camera and access all your fishing videos.

See the underwater videos from your various deployments, play back a clip of your fishing gear in action, and download the best underwater fishing camera footage.

Editing your CatchCam Videos

The videos recorded using CatchCam can be downloaded and edited in a variety of video editing applications.

Watch Pete as he shows how to edit your underwater footage on the CatchCam Samsung Tablet, included in the CatchCam Gold Package.

Sharing your CatchCam Videos

Share your best videos recorded with CatchCam on various social media and other messaging applications. These include Facebook, Whatsapp, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and TikTok.

You can’t directly share your videos from the CatchCam App. Therefore, you must first download your video onto your device.

How to Light Your Fishing Gear

How to deal with poor water clarity when filming your gear in action? Watch the video to find out how to create the best CatchCam setup for your commercial fishing operations.

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