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Pairing the CatchCam Camera and Vónin Flyer to monitor ground gear in action

monitoring ground gear

Recognising that fisheries are diverse and fishermen need a camera solution that works across multiple fisheries presents unique challenges. And with them, a continuous need for the CatchCam camera to adapt and evolve.

In our ongoing efforts to explore the many ways CatchCam can be used, the camera was paired up with Vónin technology to develop a solution for filming ground gear in action. 

“In the true spirit of fishing, we solved the problem with what we had on hand!”, shares Tom Rossiter, Head of Precision Fishing at SafetyNet Technologies.

A Camera Solution for Large Vessels

This is not the first time the camera has been deployed for this same purpose. By now, CatchCam has managed to capture some fascinating insights of fishing gear interacting with the seabed. In most of these occasions, attaching the camera to the headline has proved to be an efficient solution.

However, weather conditions can make filming underwater quite difficult – which is especially true when it comes to larger vessels with a higher headline.

Under ideal conditions, CatchCam has proved to be an efficient tool for underwater filming, even attached to a headline that’s 4 fathoms.

Hence why, in a strategic collaboration with Vonin, the team at SafetyNet decided to pair the camera with an adaptable sky hook: the Flyer.

“I count myself very fortunate to get the opportunity to do what I do. Getting to ‘play’ with the Vónin Flyer has been an ambition of mine for some time and combining already existing technologies to achieve an outcome is the best possible solution – no need to make something new,” continues Tom Rossiter.

The CatchCam Flyer

To overcome the hurdles of visibility and lighting on larger vessels with higher headlines, this collaboration introduced the ‘Flyer.’ This simple tool by Vonin serves to create uplift, raising the headline and enhancing the effectiveness of filming. 

By integrating the CatchCam camera with Vónin’s technology, we’ve unlocked a new possibility for filming gear interaction with the seafloor.

After some initial trial and error, the CatchCam camera and Vonin Flyer were successfully paired together.

By pointing the camera downwards, larger vessels can now easily capture and document how their gear interacts with the seafloor. This innovative approach enhances the overall understanding of ground gear performance and contributes to more informed decision-making in fishing operations.

As we continue to explore the many ways that CatchCam can be used, the recent collaboration with Vónin exemplifies SafetyNet Technologies’ commitment to finding solutions that address the unique needs of the fishing community. This trial would not have been possible without the trust from the team at Vonin and the dedication of Shaun Doran, Ian Wightman, Tom Rossiter and Craig Syms during trials.

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