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CatchCam Deep Gold Package

The CatchCam Deep Gold Package is a full system with everything you need to take quality videos of your fishing gear in action, up to 800m underwater. The Trawl Attachment is specific to this package allowing for quick, easy and adaptable attachment of CatchCam and the LED Lamp to trawl gear. Additionally, the Gold Package also includes the Samsung Galaxy Tablet which has the CatchCam App preinstalled giving you a ready-to-go device specifically for storing and watching your videos.

  • x1 Camera Deep (800m)
  • x1 LED Lamp Deep (800m)
  • Wired Charger
  • Samsung Galaxy A7 Tablet Kit
  • Double Trawl Attachment
  • Single Trawl Attachment
  • Remote Control
  • Waterproof Hard Case
  • CatchCam App
  • Remote Control
  • User Guide
  • Two Year Warranty


CatchCam Deep is a robust fishing camera system that removes the guesswork from fishing. It’s easy to install, easy to use, and makes a difference from first use.

Record colour video of your fishing gear in action in depths of up to 800m. Use this footage to see if your gear is working properly, increase your catch and reduce unwanted bycatch. Simply manage and review recorded video in the CatchCam App that is preinstalled on the Samsung Galaxy Tablet included in the Gold CatchCam Package.

  • The CatchCam Deep Camera and LED Lamp are both only 18cm in length so they can be attached to almost anywhere on your fishing gear
  • The camera and LED Lamp are highly durable and can withstand depth of up to 800m
  • The deep LED Lamp is 4x brighter than its original version. With 500 lumens, it allows you to see even further at deeper depths.
  • Record and store 100 hours of footage on one charge (when recording at 1fps)
  • Footage is wirelessly transferred from the camera to the CatchCam App using WiFi or streaming which removes the need for SD cards or cables
  • Record and download footage at different frame rates to increase battery life and reduce video download times
  • The Gold Package includes 2 Trawl Attachments, a Double and a Single, so that the Camera and Lamp can be easily attached to gear.

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