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Pisces Deep

6 colours of light, 4 flash rates and 4 brightness settings/ 800m (2620ft) depth rating/ Wireless charging and control/ Fits to all fishing geat types.

x 10 Pisces Deep LED lights/ x 2 Protective charging cases/ x2 remote controls/ x2 user guides



Pisces Deep is a kit of 10 underwater LED lights that use coloured light and different flash rates to help you increase your commercial catch and reduce bycatch. Highly durable and depth rated to 800m (2620 ft), Pisces can be used on most fishing gear. 

Polyurethane resin fully encapsulates the Pisces Deep enabling the equipment to withstand higher pressures. 

  • The Pisces Deep LED lights are highly durable and have been used by trawlers in the Bering Sea pollock B season
  • Up to 270 hours of battery life on a single charge 26
  • Pisces Deep can emit six colours of light at four flash rates and four different brightnesses 
  • It is completely wireless (remote-controlled and comes with a wireless charger)
  • Attaching Pisces is quick and easy using the four lug holes