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Brighter LED Lamp for Deeper Fishing

The CatchCam Lamp is now brighter and sturdier. Just like its original version, the Lamp was designed to be paired with the CatchCam Camera to allow commercial fishers to observe their fishing operations at virtually any depth.

The LED Lamp is a small tool that can be attached almost anywhere in the fishing gear. While the original version was designed with versatility in mind to suit different fisheries, the latest CatchCam Lamp allows fishers to see their fishing gear in action in deeper waters when ambient sunlight will not penetrate. 

This means that as well as being four times brighter (500 lumens), the new Lamp is available in our new Deep range, rated to 800 metres, which is equivalent to 450 fathoms.

The Lamp also has 4 brightness settings with battery performance ranging from 5 to 220 hours. Moreover, It can be controlled using a remote to manually adjust the Lamp’s brightness, colour and a brand new feature of flashing at 32Hz. This flashing feature extends the battery life to almost 10 hours whilst at maximum power, which gives the new Lamp a similar battery performance with four times the brightness

CatchCam trawl gear attachment

Depending on the conditions, the CatchCam Lamp (both the original and new versions) can be paired side by side with a CatchCam Camera inside the trawl attachment (see picture). Or, for instance, be deployed separately to illuminate objects that are further away, such as the footrope relative to the headline.

Finally, the upgraded LED Lamp gives its users more options and more flexibility to see what has never been seen before. That way, it allows fishers to improve the precision and efficiency of their fishing operations.

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