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Ground Gear Monitoring in the Irish Sea

Fv Strathmore Porthvoglie

Fishermen immediately lose sight of their fishing gear once it’s deployed. However, for Shaun Doran, things have changed: ‘”Just had this on headline looking at the ground gear going over the seabed”, shared the fisherman after using an underwater camera while on a Groundfish Survey expedition.

Ground Gear Monitoring

While angled towards the footrope, the CatchCam camera captured remarkable footage at a depth of 30 fathoms (55 metres), a sight uncommon in the Irish Sea. With exceptional visibility and the bright daylight illuminating the tickler chain, the camera provided a clear view of the seabed, offering invaluable insights into the positioning of the net.

“CatchCam was great, the footage also shows the fishing line taking the coal”, shares Shaun, while referring to the black spots in the seabed, visible in the underwater footage.

To record this underwater footage above, Shaun paired his CatchCam camera with its designed Trawl Attachment and strategically mounted it on the headline, just 1 fathom deep. For this specific angle, the camera was pointed to the footrope. 

Quick fact: Although the original footage was shot upside down, the new CatchCam App feature can effortlessly correct this.

Underwater footage of UK waters

The collection of underwater footage captured by the CatchCam camera continues to expand, with deployments occurring not only throughout the UK, but also in locations such as the Falkland Islands, Bering Sea, and Australia. At SafetyNet Technologies, we actively encourage users to send us their footage by nominating a ‘Video of the Month’ from this ever-growing library.

Since launching this initiative in November of last year, we’ve seen a variety of visually captivating videos, as well as those offering valuable insights into gear performance, like the one shared by Shaun above. To receive these to your inbox every month, sign up to our email list here.


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