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CatchCam Deployments in the Falkland Islands

Squid trawler Golden Chicha

CatchCam was recently deployed from the squid trawler Golden Chicha in the Falkland Islands. This underwater camera, dedicated to improving fishing operations, offers fishermen an invaluable tool: visibility into their nets, ultimately enhancing their efficiency and catch.

Monitoring Catch Behaviour

With the support of the Galician company Chymar (Hermanos Touza), CatchCam was attached to the vessels’ trawl gear. The underwater footage recorded during deployments allowed skipper Eligio to gain insights into the behaviour of his target catch, the Patagonian squid, as they interacted with the fishing net.

While securely attached to the trawl net, the underwater camera reached depths of up to 200m. Underwater footage like the one above offers a clear view of the net’s underwater operations, enabling the skipper and his crew to make adjustments to the gear to optimize catch.

Reducing Unwanted Bycatch

During deployments, CatchCam also documented the behaviour of bycatch species, like rock cod. Through direct electronic control in the gear, skipper Eligio was able to observe a low incidental bycatch. 

Observing bycatch behaviour during fishing operations offers a means to effectively minimize their capture. While also minimising the environmental impact of fishing gear.

CatchCam aboard Golden Chicha
The underwater CatchCam camera was paired with LED lights and a sturdy trawl attachment during deployments in the Falkland Islands.

CatchCam allows fishermen to make more informed decisions during fishing operations to improve the efficiency of the vessel and increase catch.

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