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Fishing with CatchCam: An Interview with Norwegian skipper Anders Paulsen

fishing with CatchCam from the ULSvaag II

CatchCam is a fishing camera designed to remove the guesswork from fishing. Most recently, we had the opportunity to chat with Anders Paulsen, a seasoned fisherman, about his experiences using CatchCam in the net of the shrimp trawler Ulsvaag II. 

The interview was conducted by Ulf L., the distributor of SafetyNet Technologies’ products in Norway.

Optimizing Trawl Gear Performance

During the interview, Anders Paulsen explained how the underwater footage provided by CatchCam helped him identify some issues around the gear. In particular, around the sorting grid attachment. He shares:  “I’ve actually loosened up the top panel. This allows for a better stretch in the bottom panel, making the grid more stable and efficient.”

It’s a small tweak with a significant impact on the trawling process. Skipper Anders goes on to explain how adjusting the trawl doors in relation to the lump can affect the rigging: “Before, I had the trawl doors about 60cm behind the lump. By adjusting the doors to 40 cm ahead, the geometry corrects itself. This also means the undernet stretches better, which is essential for the trawl to function optimally.”

CatchCam camera set to watch how the belly mesh is rigged in the shrimp trawl.

Identifying Challenges with Catch Behaviour

The Norwegian fisherman revealed that the CatchCam camera also provided invaluable insights into shrimp behaviour around the grid: “Unfortunately, the shrimp don’t pass through as smoothly as I had hoped. They often pile up in front of the grid”. This highlighted an area where further improvements were needed to maximize the effectiveness of CatchCam.

CatchCam camera footage from inside the shrimp trawl in the Oslo Fjord.

One of the surprising findings from CatchCam’s footage was the abundance of jellyfish and a higher presence of fish than previously assumed. Skipper Anders Paulsen finalises the interview by sharing that: “CatchCam provides a unique insight into what’s happening underwater, and it’s truly eye-opening.”

CatchCam is a product by SafetyNet Technologies and is undoubtedly becoming an indispensable tool for fishermen worldwide. Its ability to provide underwater footage of what’s happening beneath the waves has transformed the way they approach their work, enabling fishermen to make informed decisions that benefit both their catch and the environment.

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