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Peter Bruce & the Budding Rose wins the CatchCam Giveaway

peter bruce winning

We are excited to announce the winner of the CatchCam giveaway! Congratulations to Peter Bruce of the Budding Rose PD418 who has won a full CatchCam kit in our competition! Peter received his CatchCam Kit at the Scottish Skipper Expo earlier today, presented by Linda Wood from Marks & Spencer as well as some of the SafetyNet Technologies team.

“We now have a tool to learn much faster and improve our gear performance” – Peter Bruce

Peter has been pair trawling for Whitefish for over 35 Years. He believes CatchCam can help him fish more precisely by helping him catch his target species quicker and in better condition. This will save his business time and money while making his fishery more sustainable for the next generation.

When asked about his win, Peter told us “My son Michael and l are delighted to win the Catchcam. We are experienced fishermen but when it comes to gear technology and fish conservation there’s always room for improvement. With Catchcam we now have the tool to learn much faster and improve our gear performance. We can’t wait to get it onto our net and into the water. I want to thank M&S and SafetyNet Technologies for giving us this opportunity.”

Peter Bruce has won this entire CatchCam kit complete with a Camera, LED Lamp and the CatchCam App pre-uploaded on a Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Supporting Precision Fishing Practices

CatchCam is the most robust underwater video camera available to commercial fishermen. Using CatchCam, fishermen can film their gear at depths of up to  300m (164 fathoms). The small, yet robust, underwater camera has an impressive battery life and can record over 100 hours of footage on a single charge. 

SafetyNet Technologies and Marks & Spencer would like to send a big thank you to everyone who has participated in the CatchCam Giveaway and made it a success. This competition is part of SafetyNet Technologies and Marks and Spencer’s partnership to support precision fishing practices. By letting fishermen see what is happening in their gear, CatchCam helps them improve their fishing performance to be more selective and effective. As a result, they can increase their catch whilst also reducing bycatch. 

The competition had a fantastic global response and threw up innovative applications of the underwater camera technology. This made the selection of the winner very difficult but in the end we were convinced by the enthusiasm of Peter, his ideas and eye for detail. The competition has also led to some fishermen jumping the gun and ordering their CatchCam system. We are looking forward to seeing the results come in as the systems are deployed.

“We are delighted to see Peter and the Budding Rose win”- Linda Wood

Linda Wood, Aquaculture & Fisheries Manager at Marks and Spencer, commented “we are delighted to see Peter and the Budding Rose win. They put forward a very compelling case for how they will use the CatchCam system and are invigorated to see them and so many other fishermen be so engaged in how their fishing gear works and the appetite to do this better and more precisely. We see precision fishing as the future and CatchCam will play such an important role in enabling fishermen to take giant steps forward.”

Tom Rossiter, Head of Precision Fishing said “We are excited to see the Budding Rose win. We know that they will launch it into every aspect of their fishing operation to learn what really happens down there and gain an advantage over the other boats. Peter and the crew have been at the cutting edge over the years and it is great to see the desire still burns bright to be the best fishermen they can be. ”  

We’ll be catching up with Peter In a few weeks to see how CatchCam has helped them improve their fishing gear. In the meantime, click here to learn more about CatchCam or talk to our team at


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