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Hampidjan Canada becomes the latest CatchCam Distributor

SafetyNet Technologies proudly announces a strategic partnership with Hampidjan Canada Ltd, a leading supplier of innovative fishing solutions in Atlantic Canada and beyond. As the latest distributor of the CatchCam underwater camera, SafetyNet’s newest product,  Hampidjan is set to bring innovation to the forefront of the Canadian fishing industry.

The CatchCam, recently launched in Canada at the North Atlantic Fish & Workboat Show, stood out for its innovative features and versatility. Head of Precision Fishing at SafetyNet Technologies, Tom Rossiter, shared: “I was impressed with the innovation underway in the Canadian industry, from circular economy to Precision Fishing, it was clear that the industry in the region is aware of its place and responsibilities”.

CatchCam in Canada
Tom Rossiter, from SafetyNet Technologies, delivering a CatchCam camera to Kelly Moret, from Hampidjan Canada, at the St John’s Boat Show.

Both Hampidjan Canada and SafetyNet Technologies are committed to sustainable fisheries, aiming to mitigate the environmental impact of commercial fishing on the marine environment. This collaboration introduces Precision Fishing technologies to Canadian fishermen, addressing industry needs responsibly.

Based in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, Hampidjan is an integral part of the local fishing industry. Specialised in providing reliable equipment for commercial fishermen, their position makes them ideal distributors for CatchCam in the Canadian market.

“Hampidjan Canada has always been a strong advocate for using technology to fish smarter not harder. Partnering with CatchCam is an obvious choice for our company as it allows us to introduce a new technology to the local fishing industry that can produce immediate gains in terms of efficiency and sustainbility,” shares Kelly Moret from Hampidjan Canada.

CatchCam stands out as the most robust underwater video camera for commercial fishing, featuring a battery life exceeding 4 days, complete wireless operations, and fishing-specific settings. Its latest version, can be deployed at depths of up to 800m and comes paired with a 500 lumens Lamp. Finally, the CatchCam package makes it easy for commercial fishermen to film their fishing gear in action, ensuring that any issues are identified and quickly corrected where needed.

Tom Rossiter, commented: “Hampidjan Canada is actively engaged with the local industry and champions sustainable and efficient fishing practices. Their close relationship with the fishing community is important to us. Our products have been designed with fishermen and for fishermen and working with Hampidjan will help us to build on this with new customers in Canada.”

If you are engaged in the fishing industry in Canada, contact info@hampidjan.ca for more information on CatchCam.


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