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Marine Ctrl becomes the latest CatchCam Distributor

SafetyNet Technologies is pleased to announce that we have begun a new partnership with Marine Ctrl, a leading provider of innovative fishing solutions. Marine Ctrl will become the latest distributor of CatchCam, SafetyNet Technologies’ newest innovative product.

Both Marine Ctrl and SafetyNet Technologies are committed to reducing the impact of commercial fishing on the environment. Therefore, this partnership will make a real impact on the fishing industry by introducing precision fishing practices to fishermen world wide. 

Based in Norway, Marine Ctrl specialises in developing and delivering ground-breaking technology and services for the fisheries and aquaculture industries. Their team focuses on the representation of international principles and also provides consultancy services for tech start-ups. Therefore, they are in the perfect position to distribute CatchCam to fishermen around the globe. 

The video above was filmed using CatchCam in Norway.

Tom Rossiter, Head of Precision Fishing at SafetyNet Technologies said “We are grateful to have Marine Ctrl as our latest distributor of CatchCam and SafetyNet Technologies’s other precision fishing tools. This partnership will have a real impact on the fishing industry in Nordic countries, making precision fishing more achievable and helping fishermen improve the efficiency and sustainability of their operations.”

CatchCam is the most robust underwater video camera available for commercial fishing. With a battery life of up to four days, and length of 13.5cm, CatchCam makes it easy for fishermen to film their fishing gear in action. As a result, they can ensure that their gear is fishing properly to increase their catch and also reduce bycatch. 

Under the terms of the partnership, Marine Ctrl will distribute CatchCam in Norway and amongst its dealer network further afield.  The two companies will work together to promote the underwater video camera to the fishing industry and develop new applications.

Ulf Lundvall with Tom Rossiter discussing CatchCam at the Scottish Skipper Expo, Aberdeen

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to become the distributor for CatchCam and other products from SafetyNet Technologies,” said Ulf Lundvall, Marine Ctrl’s CEO. “We are committed to providing our customers with the latest and most advanced technology to improve their fishing operations, and we believe that SafetyNet Technologies’ products are top-of-the-line in the industry. Our partnership with SafetyNet Technologies will enable us to offer our customers high-quality monitoring solutions that will help them to achieve greater sustainability, efficiency, and profitability.”

Lundvall went on to add, “We believe that the combination of our expertise in the fishing industry and SafetyNet Technologies’ innovative products will provide our customers with a winning solution. We look forward to working closely with SafetyNet Technologies to bring these products to market and to help our customers achieve their goals.”

If you are based in and around Norway, visit for more information on CatchCam and to purchase via the robust fishing camera system via Marine Ctrl.


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