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“The service to our clients is the most important thing for us”


SafetyNet COO Nadia shares her thoughts on the commercial potential of the organisation, working with a mission-driven team, collaborating with customers to achieve success, and the impact Pisces could have on the future of commercial fishing. 

Nadia outside SafetyNet HQ

Hi Nadia, could you tell us about your role?

Sure, I am the COO (Chief Operating Officer) and a co-founder of SafetyNet Technologies. As COO I help oversee the running of our company, and make sure that we have a good strategy in place in terms of going to market.

What does that mean for you at the moment?

In terms of operations, there are external and internal sides. This year is the first time we are growing as a company, hiring people, so I’m making sure all the HR is in place, and that we are legally compliant as we grow. Externally, I make sure that we have the right support mechanisms in place, and as we are now entering the market, I’m making sure we set up the right processes to support our customers.

One of the projects I’m currently working on as we’re looking to commercialise a bit more fully as a company is understanding and identifying the top countries and markets we want to enter. So I need to understand what regulations are in place, what kinds of partnerships we need to have in place, what are the regulations with regards to exporting products…so essentially, a lot of research!

What impact will Pisces have on the fishing industry?

The main reason I got involved with SafetyNet a few years ago was that I could see the scale of the impact that this could really have. Being able to reduce bycatch by up to 90% as we’ve seen in some case studies, if we can extrapolate that to the masses of fish that are being caught commercially, the amount of fish that can be saved and the fish stocks that can be replenished through not depleting them in the first place is huge. It has massive potential in terms of sustainability, protecting the fish that shouldn’t be caught – including endangered or juvenile species. It will also really make a difference for the fishermen and help them sustain their livelihoods by catching more effectively.

scientists on fishing boat Fishing nets on deck

What is the best thing about working for an organisation like SafetyNet?

Working with people who are very mission-aligned. All of us and the people we have hired want to work here because of the social and environmental mission. It’s very empowering and refreshing. Knowing that this is already in place, the organisational culture gets built on that. We’ve brought in some really great people who are not just passionate about what they do, but they are also very good at what they do. It’s really good fun to work with such capable people. We have a light-hearted atmosphere here in the studio, which makes it exciting to come to work. 

All this is done alongside making sure that our clients get a great service. The service to our clients is for us the most important thing. At the end of the day, we are building technology, but we need to make sure that the users, in this case, fishermen and fishing companies,  enjoy using our product, and that it works for their needs. We have a service model in place to make sure that the device can be as effective as possible, but that they also get a great experience and want to keep using the product. Pete, our Customer Success Manager has been really integral in making sure that he’s able to maintain the relationships with our clients worldwide, making sure that they are happy, and that we are catering to their needs. The idea is that we are building Pisces with fishermen, for fishermen.

If you work in the fishing industry and are interested in finding out more about how our Pisces product can support your business, contact our customer success team:


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