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SafetyNet Technologies begins partnership with ISI-FISH

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SafetyNet Technologies is thrilled to announce that ISI-FISH has become the latest distributor of CatchCam, a robust fishing camera system. The partnership signifies SafetyNet Technologies expanding into the French commercial fishing industry.

“CatchCam won us over straight away. At first glance, you can see what’s going on in the trawl or in the trap – it’s amazing! This is exactly the type of product that ISIFISH wants to offer its customers: technology, easy to use and promising future for the fishing industry. We feel very fortunate that SafetyNet Teams has entrusted us with the distribution of CatchCam in France”, shares a representative of ISI-FISH.

Founded in 2007, ISI-FISH has since become the leading provider of equipment and information systems to the fishing and maritime industries in France. Moreover, they advise and equip the French tuna fishing fleets. Therefore, they are in the perfect position to distribute CatchCam to fishermen in France.

As a result of the position ISI-FISH has, their partnership with SafetyNet Technologies will have a significant impact on the global fishing industry. By distributing CatchCam, ISI-FISH will assist in introducing precision fishing technology to fishermen worldwide. Therefore, this supports the commercial fishing industries’ transition to be more sustainable and efficient.

John, SafetyNet’s Chief Commercial Officer, shares “We are excited to partner with ISI-FISH as our latest distributor of CatchCam. We selected ISI-FISH for France as they have displayed real passion for CatchCam and believe this partnership will have an impact in providing French fishers with the tools to enhance operational efficiency and promote sustainability.”

CatchCam is a robust fishing camera system with unique features that make it perfectly suited to commercial fishing. With a battery life of up to four days, and length of 13.5cm, CatchCam makes it easy for fishermen to film their fishing gear in action. As a result, they can ensure that their gear is fishing properly to increase their catch and also reduce bycatch.

Under the terms of the partnership, ISI-FISH will distribute CatchCam in France. The two companies will work together to promote the fishing camera system to the fishing industry and develop new applications for underwater video.

If you are based in and around France, visit ISI-FISH website to purchase the CatchCam underwater camera.


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