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Commercially Testing Pisces Prototypes in 2019


FROM NORD, Saint Jaccques II


12 months




To commercially test prototypes of Pisces LED lights on a fishing boat in the Eastern Channel fishery.


Demersal Trawler

Technology used:

Project Summary:

In 2019, SafetyNet Technologies collaborated with FROM Nord and the FV Saint Jacques II to commercially test prototypes of Pisces LED lights. As part of the project, the crew of FV Saint Jacques II were given a kit of Pisces to attach to their fishing gear and to put it through its paces. Members of our engineering team at SafetyNet Technologies joined the fishing trip to watch how the fishing crew used Pisces and to provide technical support. Moreover, our engineering team were on this fishing trip to gather feedback from the fishermen on the usability of Pisces and its durability. The collected feedback was then used to further develop Pisces into a precision fishing tool that fits seamlessly into fishing operations. 


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