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SafetyNet Technologies 2022 Roundup

2022 was a jam-packed year for us at SafetyNet Technologies, and 2023 will be no different. We’d want to say ‘thank you’ to everyone who worked with us this year on our trials and product development.

Here is a round-up of what we’ve accomplished this year.

1. Removing the guesswork from fishing

This year we celebrated (and still are!) the launch of CatchCam, our new underwater video camera!

CatchCam is helping fishermen observe their fishing gear underwater while out at sea. Using this underwater camera, fishermen can see if bycatch reduction devices are effective and make adjustments as needed to improve the performance of their fishing gear.

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“Now we have the opportunity to see how our nets are performing in the water. It means we can (…) catch as much as we are allowed in a shorter period of time” –Eilidh Anne captain, Ian Wightman

2. Pisces trials see salmon bycatch reduction in Alaska

Initial trials of Pisces in the Bering Sea pollock fishery found that Pisces lights reduced chum salmon bycatch. Furthermore, pollock catches were not affected by LED lights.

Additionally, Pisces was trialled throughout the Bering Sea pollock B season and proved sturdy enough to withstand the entire season.

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“The [Pisces] lights were durable. We didn’t have any problems rolling them on the drum and they seemed to do fine bouncing along the deck. We aren’t easy on our gear and they help up” – words by Bering Sea Captain

 3. Pushing Pisces and CatchCam to the limit on a scallop dredge

This year we pushed CatchCam and Pisces LED lights to their limits!

Earlier this year, the Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS) and the crew of the fishing vessel K.A.T.E.II tested our precision fishing technology. CatchCam and Pisces were attached to a scallop dredge in Georges Bank to explore how LED lights can reduce bycatch. Impressively, both CatchCam and Pisces withstood over 200 tows.

4. LED Lights as an alternative to baitfish in the Maldives tuna fishery

We’re kicking off a project in the Maldives in collaboration with International Pole & Line Foundation (IPNLF). Part of the project will explore LED lights as an alternative to wild-caught baitfish in the skipjack tuna pole and line fishery.

The project can positively impact the lives of Maldives fishermen by improving the operational efficiency of their vessels. As well as hugely contribute to the conservation of live bait resources and the carbon footprint of pole-and-line fisheries.

Project supported by DEFRA ‘s Darwin Initiative Innovation Grant.

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5. Fishermen collect 250 hours of data

This summer, the FV Queline and FV Alison Marie tested Enki in Orkney. Enki is an underwater environmental sensor that attaches to fishing gear.

The crews of both fishing vessels collected a whopping 250 hours of ocean and catch data. This data helped fisheries scientists understand how this fishery changed between August and September.

These trials are part of a collaborative project with Heriot-Watt University, Orkney Fisheries Association and Cisco. The project is developing Enki to help fishermen collect ocean data. Enki attaches to fishing gear and automatically collects temperature, salinity, depth and turbidity data during fishing operations.

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6. Working with gilnet fishermen in Ecuador to reduce bycatch

We are using LED lights to reduce bycatch in Ecuadorian fisheries. After being named finalists for the UNDP Ocean Innovation Challenge, we are launching the Iluminar El Mar project. We’ll be working with Mare Nostrum and The Leatherback project to develop LED Lights as an affordable bycatch solution for artisanal fisheries in Ecuador.

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7. Bringing precision fishing to 11 countries 

This year, we’ve sent our precision fishing technology across borders. In total, our technology is currently used in 11 countries around the world.

8. 1650 hours of precision fishing

Our precision fishing technology has been used for over 1650 hours aboard commercial vessels this year.

9. Hours and hours of underwater footage

With CatchCam, we have collected many, many hours of underwater footage during commercial trials. Including videos or dredges, trawler gear, and creels in action.

As a result, fishermen can finally see inside their gear, helping them answer questions about their fishing trips. Head to our Youtube channel to see more underwater videos like this one

10. Technology designed with fishermen for fishermen

We’re celebrating all successful (and unsuccessful) commercial trips around the world. How many days out at sea? Over 100 days!

Throughout 2022, we’ve been working closely with fishermen to keep improving our gear according to their needs. In fact, eight people from our trials, engineering, and even marketing team have spent time out at sea on commercial fishing boats this year!

11. Pacific Marine Expo 2022

We were more than happy to be back at Pacific Marine Expo (PME). During PME 2022, we launched CatchCam and created valuable connections with the American fishing community.

We’re looking forward to returning next year!

12. Irish and Scottish Skipper Expos 2022

At the Irish and Scottish Skipper Expos, we revealed early versions of CatchCam, and the response we got was inspiring. From valuable feedback on its design to encouraging words of support, the conversations we had at these expos helped transform those early prototypes into the CatchCam available today.

We’ll see you at Irish Skipper Expo 2023!

2023 is going to be an even bigger year for SafetyNet Technologies and our goal to enable precision fishing. Sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date with the latest trials and product information. Or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn


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