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SafetyNet Technologies Announces Partnership with The Fishermen’s Mission

Fishermen Mission Partnership

SafetyNet Technologies Announces Partnership with the Fishermen’s Mission: A Commitment to Supporting Fishermen and their Communities 

SafetyNet Technologies proudly announces an innovative approach to this year’s holiday season by collaborating with the Fishermen’s Mission, a renowned charity dedicated to supporting active and retired fishermen. Departing from the traditional Black Friday sales frenzy, SafetyNet will allocate a portion of every sale of its innovative equipment to benefit the Fishermen’s Mission.

From Monday, November 20th, through to the end of the year, each purchase made from SafetyNet Technologies will contribute to the support and welfare of fishermen across our coastal communities. 

Dean Lawrence, Corporate Partnerships Manager at the Fishermen’s Mission, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating: “We are incredibly excited about this new partnership with SafetyNet Technologies. Their dedication to supporting our cause will not only assist us in reaching new donors but also generate heightened awareness of our charity’s vital work in sustaining both active and retired fishermen.”

SafetyNet Technologies is continuously collaborating with fishermen for their product development, recognising the significance of integrating science, technology and field experience. John Ellis, the Chief Commercial Officer of SafetyNet Technologies, shares: “We wanted to give back to the community and The Fishermen’s Mission quickly popped into mind. They are doing a fantastic job and their work aligns with our mission to make fishing more sustainable and efficient.”

Explore SafetyNet Technologies’ products and join us in making a positive impact on coastal communities. Visit their website at


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