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ASL, M&S, Young’s and SNTech partner up to support British fishermen to push the NE Scottish Mixed Demersal Fishery towards bycatch reduction and MSC certification

SafetyNet Technologies is Lighting the Way for Precision Fishing with the Launch of Pisces

Why and How SNTech Decided To Go on Furlough

“Designing systems and tools which work with natural processes and environments is critical to maintaining a healthy marine environment”

“The service to our clients is the most important thing for us”

“SafetyNet is entirely focused on breaking down barriers to industry-changing ideas achieving success”

SafetyNet raises $1.5m from Mirova, Mustard Seed, and Conservation International to reduce bycatch

“Pisces can make fishing more sustainable and selective, enabling fishers to catch fish that can actually be sold”

“Pisces can reduce bycatch by up to 90%… we are really hopeful that it will be a gamechanger for the industry”

“Pisces is moving new ideas into an older industry… this is another stage in adding technology so that we can fish smarter”

“The science behind Pisces is amazing…it’s already having a great impact”

“Through understanding how fish behave in response to light, we can have a significant impact on reducing overfishing”

We work with fishermen to ensure our devices are tailored to their needs